We talked to Jakub Mynařík, the founder of Dayswaps — a tool that helps to automate employee scheduling and shift planning — about his journey as an entrepreneur and his Startup Weekend experience. Dayswaps won the 2nd place at the #SWPrague in March 2018.

How many Startup Weekends have you attended?

One, this one. It was funny, exhausting, developing weekend where I met a lot of interesting people.

What was your motivation to participate?

Our member drag us here to try some new ideas and compete against others. And I can say, it worked.

Which idea did you and your team work on? How did it emerge?

We worked on idea of shift planning. Where the main criterium was to help owners and managers plan shifts with just 1 click to reach required outcome. This problem emerged from my work as a biz dev manager.

Can you tell us more about the team members?

We were team of 6 people, where 3 of us came together before and 3 other members were allowed to join us :) Jan — our master BE developer, Ondra — UX designer and me Jakub — Business. Where individuals who joined us — Pája — Sales and market research, Mirka — CFO, Adam — all from everything.

What is the most important thing you learned during Startup Weekend?

Be stubborn, have fun and don’t talk to judges too much :) This all can be covered with famous quote. Work smart not hard.

How did the company develop after Startup Weekend?

Like a hyperinflation. We did everything since then. Prepared full planner, made frontend, webpage, contacted first customers, created marketing and targeting and all other important stuff. Where we are now cooperating with some of really big brands that love our product and whole idea where are we going with it.

What has been the greatest challenges that you had to overcome?

We are an excelent team but first we had to learn how to work together, secondary we argue only about small things like colors, button positions and those kind of stuff :) Bigger tasks are being prepared by me and everyone know why are we doing it, what it takes and for who this is. So encouraging to work together :)

What are the best reasons to participate in a Startup Weekend? How did you benefit from participating at the event?

Fastest idea verification ever, for english talking audience. We are now at stage of open beta program and improving from user feedback. Also we work on more functionality for everyone, none is from our head but from request of customers. What a lovely product development :)

Where are you going — where do you see yourselves in 3 years?

We are going to be 1 click shift planning software with all the other functionality that is needed in shift dependent companies. If I would separate the management problems with shift it goes into 3 main parts.

  1. Planning — this is what we already have and will be developing better system based on AI

This whole pack will then serve as 1 product that serves to managers not managers to serve the product as it is today.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?

I am starting entrepreuner so I am not sure, that I am a right person to give advices. But I can say pick wisely your team, be a good leader and be prepared for all that stress that you get for free with your business.

Anything else you want to say about Startup Weekend or your personal startup journey?

I would like to say to anyone who work with employees or shift and I know there is many people. Do not hesitate and contact us, we will help you with your headaches and will have some fun with planning. You will never be alone with us :)

Meet people that want to build digital product, build one, get feedback from great mentors This is Startup Weekend! Powered by @techstars and @GoogleForEntrep

Meet people that want to build digital product, build one, get feedback from great mentors This is Startup Weekend! Powered by @techstars and @GoogleForEntrep