We interviewed Beáta Vörösová who's working on startup development at CzechInvest. One of CzechInvest’s main objectives is transformation of the Czech Republic into an innovation leader of Europe. Established in 1992, CzechInvest is a state contributory organisation subordinate to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

Beáta Vörösová, Startup Development at CzechInvest

Our role at CzechInvest is to contribute to startup’s business development with focus on global expansion. The main idea is to offer tools that create a swift road to success. We dive into the startup’s life and find a way to work out challenges or fix the issues they have been…

We at Startup Weekend Prague have a great pleasure to see successful founders mentor participants. We sat down with productboard's Daniel Hejl to talk about his own experiences, as well as his advice to founders.

Daniel Hejl

Could you please introduce yourself and your role at productboard and Startup Weekend?

I am Daniel — co-founder and CTO at productboard. In 2011, I attended the IPO48 event and I have immediately fallen in love with the startup community. In 2012, I attended one of my first Startup Weekends where I met my future co-founder Hubert. We started working together in 2014 and since…

Martin Lucký is the co-founder of BizMachine, a company looking for ways to make the best use of B2B data for business and marketing purposes.

Martin Lucký
  1. What’s Your Story? (Who are you and what do you do?)
    We are three ex-McKinsey colleagues who wanted to build their own business. We help our clients to be more successful in data-driven B2B sales. We combine heaps of structured and unstructured data about companies and apply advanced analytics tailored to our client’s business model to get it done.
  2. What inspired you to be part of the startup community?
    We have seen a lot of different…


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Once you find the desired Startup Weekend, you must secure your spot, because it might happen that someone else will buy your ticket!
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Choosing which ticket to purchase

Picture taken during Startup Weekend Prague 2019

We had shared with you some amazing articles and interviews with inspiring mentors and past participants who took part of the Startup Weekend experience. And you may still consider joining, but there might be something holding you back.
In this article we will share with you 5 reasons why you should join the Startup Weekend Prague!

1. Meeting new people

It can be scary to go to any event and to be alone. However, in Startup Weekend it’s okay to come even alone. Here you will have the chance to work with other people on a startup idea. Get to know them and maybe…

Honza started as a web developer, became a full stack developer and kept moving towards backend development, system architecture, cloud SaaS and product management. At MEWS, he's trying to keep up with the crazy pace of growth, managing a team of 80+ developers, data scientists and testers. Joins us for a chat about his experiences and advice for people just starting out.

Honza Široký
  1. What’s Your Story?

Currently I am CTO at MEWS, which was a startup and now it’s more like a scaleup. We provide the core information system to hotels, hostels and other accommodation providers. And other things on top…

Michal is the founder of codeac.io, helping developers fight technical debt.

  1. What’s Your Story?

After I finished university, I just bought a flight ticket, went to San Francisco and start searching for a job there. After around 25 interviews in a week, I ended up in a dating start-up as a developer. During the year that I spent there, I have learned one important thing: In the 19th century, there was the Golden rush. Not many things had changed since then, just the gold miners were replaced by developers. The most successful ones haven’t been those who were looking for…

Join us of an interview with Oskar Koristka, COO and co-founder of one of the most exciting Czech startups, Supernova.

1. What’s Your Story?

I am Oskar, COO and Co-founder of the startup Supernova. My lifelong passions are sports and mountains, but currently I’m more focused on the business side of Supernova, a tool that’s improving the design and development of mobile apps. I’m responsible for running the company as smoothly as possible (for a startup!) and building processes that empower all members of the team to focus on building something perfect for our users.

2. What inspired you to…

Startup Weekend presents a blog post focused on the main topics from our interview with Pavlina Louženská. In this article we will present you the summary and comments from our interview with Pavlina Louženská regarding our recent event focused on Communication. If you're more of a visual person, check out the original interview:

Her story

Pavlina Louženská is young; she is ambitious, and she was one of our amazing mentors’ part of Startup Weekend 2019. She worked for Zoot and is the Head of Product for Rekola–bicycle-sharing service. …

Here’s the roundup of all the prizes that will be given out at Startup Weekend Prague — March 2019.

All Participants

  • Free application to the Founder Institute Fellowship programme. Founder Institute is a pre-seed accelerator offering an intensive founder programme that takes you from idea to execution. The applications for the next session will accepted till March 10th.
  • Free Become a Startup Founder Udemy course offered by Founder Institute

Startup Weekend Prague

Meet people that want to build digital product, build one, get feedback from great mentors This is Startup Weekend! Powered by @techstars and @GoogleForEntrep

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